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Cyanotic - "Transhuman" CD now available. For fans of heavy… - gothicfucks

About Cyanotic - "Transhuman" CD now available. For fans of heavy…

Previous Entry May. 10th, 2005 @ 03:03 pm Next Entry
Cyanotic - "Transhuman" CD now available. For fans of heavy electronic / industrial

After nearly two years of non-stop recording, mixing, remixing, tweaking and re-tweaking -- "Transuman", the debut full length from Cyanotic is finally available for purchase direct from www.cyanotic-online.com or www.cracknation.com for the introductory price of $9.99. It's 12 tracks of harsh electronic / industrial aggression featuring the production talents of Acumen Nation / DJ? Acucrack and Iammynewt.

Also available -- shirts in every size from medium baby tees to XXL. Snatch 'em up fast as the supply is short. The quicker the orders come in, the quicker you will see us on tour. As an underground band our exploits are 100% funded by merch sales, so please refrain from unnecessary piracy. Fans outside the U.S. please add $3.99 onto the total price for the discs / combo deals. For those couple hundred people who took advantage of the pre-order -- our apologies for the delay. We were expecting to ship discs in the last week of April but didn't recieve the boxes til this last Friday. All pre-orders are in the mail and safely on the way to your doorsteps as I type. Please send all and any further inquries to sean@cyanotic-online.com.

Some blurbs from recent reviews:

"fresh material for true fans of grinding and aggressive industrial music" -- industrial nation

"brutal and mercliess" -- side-line

"the best industrial CD I have heard in ages" -- supercoolnothing.com

Also -- a big thanks to everybody who made it out for the "Transhuman" release party debacuhery in downtown Chicago at Bottom Lounge last Friday. A good time was had by all, even after the meddlings of the hotel clerks and almost getting thrown out onto the streets. I can't remember much about the past four days, but what I do remember was a good load of fun. Thanks again for Jamie from the Cracknation crew for stopping by, and all the MySpace / forumite junkies. We are all looking forward to partying with you again once touring comes around. Let us know what you think of the disc. Don't be shy about posting comments at either www.cyanotic-online.com/forum or www.myspace.com/cyanoticonline. We are ecstatic to hear our listeners' opinions and communicate with fans.

For all and any who want to help promote the release of "Transhuman" check out the promo materials available at www.cyanotic-online.com/promo. We thank all the loyal supporters for helping spread the word thus far, especially the ever trustworthy bunch of Cyanotic forumites. The success of this band would not be possible without all of you guys 'n' gals.

Touring will begin in summer. Booking of venues is already underway. Email our management (jg_a12@juno.com) if you want to see us play in your town. Check out www.supercoolnothing.com and www.wetworksezine.com for a couple new interviews and reviews of Cyanotic. The compilation for Darksonus (www.darksonus.com) is nearing the final stages of completion and should be available in the very near future. We are also currently wrapping up a couple remixes for The Aggression and Chemlab. After that, nothing but a whole lot of practicing with the new live band lineup and some repeat viewings of "Old School".

Keep checking www.cyanotic-online.com for more info and thanks again.


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